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Academic Year Programs (AYP)
Host an international high school youth for 10 months and bring the richness of the world to your home!

American families have the opportunity to host a high school student for one academic year (August-June). Students are enrolled in public high school and participate in school activities as members of their host families. Currently, States’ 4-H places students from Japan and South Korea through AYP.

State coordinators and local representatives in the host community provide support services for host families and exchange students throughout the school year.

Information for Host Families

Are you interested in other countries? Would you like to welcome an international student into your home? Host families come in all shapes and sizes and reflect the diversity of the United States. What they have in common is their eagerness to open their homes and hearts to a young person from another culture. Our families are warm, welcoming people who are proud to share their American culture and lifestyle.

They helped a lot and treated me like their real daughter. Our biggest problem was that I don’t want to go and they don’t want me to go!
-States' 4-H Delegate

Having an exchange student really drove us to try more things. We traveled more, explored more, and learned more about our own state and country through our desire to show and teach her. We got to watch a young girl blossom into an amazing young woman. We got to walk with her through the difficult times and watch her learn amazing lessons. The year went by like a blur, but left us feeling utterly satisfied with the outcome.
-States' 4-H Host Family

AYP students are provided with medical insurance, have their own spending money, and are eager to immerse themselves in American life.

2022-23 Applications are NOW OPEN!
States' 4-H is currently accepting applications from host families for the 2022-23 AYP students. Visit the Program Detail page to learn more, or click the "Apply Today" button if you are ready to begin the application process!

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