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Become A Coordinator

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Want to Help Coordinate States’ 4-H Programs in a State That Already Participates?

If you have ever met a States’ 4-H Coordinator, you know that they are globally oriented big-hearted individuals who have a passion for advancing intercultural experiences for 4-H youth.

Many states are looking for volunteers who can help with:
• Recruitment of host families
• Orientation coordination
• Student and host family support

Please reach out to your current state coordinator or the States’ 4-H main office if you are interested in learning more about how you can become involved as a local coordinator.

Want to Get Your State Involved in International Exchange?

Bring the WORLD to your State’s 4-H Program—It only takes 12 delegates!

Kentucky took 12 and…
• welcomed international visitors into every major region and district of Kentucky.
• created friendships and relationships that last far beyond the initial four week visit.
• exposed youth in Kentucky to the beauty and culture of Japan for over 15 years.
• sparked an interest, with the residents of Kentucky, to learn more about international culture, customs and people.
• began the process of creating relationships with Japanese businesses located in the commonwealth of Kentucky!

Arizona took 12 because…
• cultural immersion programs brought new dollars into the state and helped add support staff to our 4-H programs.
• cultural immersion programs are a living laboratory for global citizenship related to the part of the 4-H pledge, “and my world.”
• exchanges create long-term friendships and positive relations between countries and cultures.
• exchanges broaden peoples’ perspectives about values, core principles and how others see the world.
• exchanges foster new learning opportunities for 4-H members, especially language learning.

Why Would My State Participate?

• States’ 4-H programs prepare youth to thrive in a global society. They provide cultural immersion opportunities for communities.
• States’ 4-H programs allow you to add or enhance a cultural component in your youth development program.
• Programs minimize liability and are financially self-sustaining within each state.
• An independent national evaluation indicated that participation in States’ 4-H International exchange programs contributes to positive youth development.

How Can My State Get Involved?

• Sign an agreement with States’ 4-H International and attend an annual training.
• Identify staff or volunteers to run the programs.
• Find host families and build your hosting community.
• Contact States’ 4-H International today to start offering high quality and safe 4-H cultural exchange and immersion programs to the youth of your state.

The States' 4-H Professional Development Tour (PDT)

States' 4-H is proud to announce that it will be leading the first-ever Professional Development Tour to South Korea in April of 2017. The purpose of the tour is to engage American 4-H youth development professionals and academics from land grant universities in international exchange and cultural immersion. Through site visits to governmental and non-governmental organizations, sightseeing, and personal study, tour participants will have the opportunity to begin to understand how youth development takes place in a South Korean cultural and societal context.

States' 4-H selected South Korea as the destination for the inaugural PDT as we partner with Korea 4-H to conduct international exchange programs. Korea 4-H is one of the largest 4-H movements in the world with over 71,000 members. There is also a tremendous volume of South Korean international students studying at US universities, over 63,000 in 2015.

The application deadline is November 1, 2016. The program cost is $2,000 plus the cost airfare. The program cost is based on a twin-share basis. It includes all accommodations, transportation, and most meals. Prior to departure there will be a series of orientation webinars that participants are required to attend.

Download the PDT Application Form
View a Tentative Itinerary
Download the PDT Flier

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