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States’ 4-H partners with Taiwan 4-H to offer Taiwanese youth the chance to stay with an American host family for one month. Participants in this program are both boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 18.

Taiwan is a small island nation located in the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of mainland China. With its thriving metropolises and rich history, Taiwan is a fascinating blend of traditional and modern culture. Despite its small size, a population of 23 million people makes Taiwan more populous than 3/4 of the world's countries. As a host family, you will be hosting a Taiwanese delegate and have an opportunity to immerse yourself in Taiwanese culture.

We are not currently hosting students from Taiwan for the 2023 summer. Click on the Apply today button below to find out which Summer Host Programs your state is participating in for summer 2023. For information on other programs please visit our Short Term Summer Programs page.

Program Details

Dates: TBD for 2024
In-Country Partner: Taiwan 4-H

Host families and their visiting student will have the opportunity to participate in arrival and departure events with other host families from their state.

Basic Timeline:

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TBD Our next Taiwan Program is tentatively set for 2024

2024 Tentative Program

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Fall 2023 Students Apply for the Program
Winter 2023 Students are selected
February-June 2024 Host families are identified and matched with Students
June 2024 Students attend Departure Orientation
July 2024 Students arrive in their host states
July-August 2024 Students live with host families
August 2024 Students depart USA