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FAQs for Summer Host Families

Host - IB - FAQ

Q: What are the requirements for Summer Inbound host families?
A: To host a youth delegate, you must have a child living in your home who is the same gender and approximate age as the youth that you host. This person is the “host sibling” and is matched with a delegate based on shared interests.

Q: How old are the delegates?
A: Between the ages of 12-18 or 19, depending on the program.

Q: I don’t have children living at home. Can I host?
A: Yes! We also need hosts for adult chaperones.

Q: Where will my visitor be from?
A: Summer Inbound program countries have included Argentina, Costa Rica, Finland, Japan, Korea, Norway and Taiwan, though not every program is offered every year.

Q: Will my visitor speak English?
A: Delegates’ English skills vary based on country of origin. All delegates have studied English in school, but their abilities will likely be limited. Part of the joy of hosting is learning new ways to communicate!

Q: What are the expectations for my family?
A: That you will welcome the visitor into your home as a member of the family, including him or her in your daily life for the exchange period. Delegates are selected to participate based on their flexibility, adaptability, and maturity. They don’t expect to be entertained every minute, just to participate in life alongside your family and learn about American culture. Host families provide the delegate with a bed and all meals for the duration of the program.

Q: What are the benefits of hosting?
A: Opening your home to a new family member is a rich and rewarding experience! You will make a new friend and learn about another culture. Many families report that, through hosting, they grow closer as a family as they participate in fun activities together and practice more intentional communication.

Q: We aren’t involved in 4-H in our community. Can we still host?
A: Yes! All families are welcome to apply to host whether you’ve been involved in 4-H or not.