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States’ 4-H partners with Consejo Nacional de Clubes 4-S (CONAC 4-S) to offer Costa Rican youth the chance to stay with an American host family for one month. Participants in this program are both boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 18.

CONAC 4-S’s primary goal is to educate youth and women in subjects that influence their life, farm, home, and community. Costa Rica has 225 4-S clubs with a total of 8,500 members.

How Can I Apply to Host?
The application window to host a student from Costa Rica is open! Click on the Apply today button below to find out if your state is participating in this summer’s Costa Rica Short Term Summer Host Program. For information on other programs please visit our Short Term Summer Programs page.

Dates: June 23 - July 20, 2023
In-Country Partner: CONAC 4-S

Participating CONAC 4-S students will attend a two-day orientation in Washington DC prior to their arrival to their host family.

Basic Timeline:

2023 Program

Header Header Header
Fall 2022 Students Apply for the Program
Winter 2022 Students are selected
February-May 2023 Host families are identified and matched with Students
June 23-25, 2023 Students attend Arrival Orientation in Washington DC
June 25, 2023 Students arrive in their host states
July 19, 2023 Students return to Washington DC for overnight before departure
July 20, 2023 Students depart USA