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South Korea is a country in East Asia. It is a peninsula with the East Sea on one side and the Yellow Sea on the other. Within the last 30 years South Korea has grown into one of the world's largest economies and a leader in technological innovation. Due to this rapid economic and social development, South Korea is a unique blend of traditional and modern cultural elements. As a delegate you will be living with a South Korean family and get to experience first-hand this distinctive culture. In South Korea, States' 4-H partners with Korea 4-H.

Program Details

Dates: July 20 - August 18, 2022
In-Country Partner: Korea 4-H
Ages: 12 - 18 years old

Upon arrival to South Korea, delegates will participatee in an arrival orientation led by Korea 4-H, which includes an introduction to Korean culture and instruction in basic language phrases. Delegates will then homestay with a Korea 4-H family, where they can immerse themselves into the culture of Korea and their host family's daily life. Delegates have the opportunity to attend 4-H International Camp where they will meet other foreign delegates and participate in cultural exchange activities. The program will conclude with a departure debreifing at the Korea 4-H Center and sightseeing opportunities in Seoul.

Program Fees Include: An overnight National Departure Orientation in a U.S. gateway city, arrival orientation, sightseeing and cultural excursions in Seoul, in-Korea expenses (transportation, lodging, and meals), 4-H International Camp fees, orientation materials and States' 4-H t-shirts, accident & sickness insurance, and a portion of the adult chaperone program expenses.

Basic Timeline:

Header Header Header
Fall Submit your online application to your State Coordinator. Due dates vary by state.
January 15 State Coordinators send recommended applications & deposit payments to the States’ 4-H National Office
Early February States’ 4-H reviews applications and makes final selection decisions. Space may be limited based on hosting capacity of the partner country. States’ 4-H notifies all applicants of their status.
Spring States’ 4-H books non-refundable air tickets
Late Spring Host Family placement is announced
Summer Students fly to U.S. hub city for National Departure Orientation the day before international flight